The Bridge

by Dead Letter Auction

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Recorded and Mixed September 19+20th 2003 in Chicago, with Mike Lust.


released October 8, 2011

Damian Hade - guitar, vocals
Jarod Isenbarger - guitar
Chris Pownall - bass
John Cheesebrew - drums



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Dead Letter Auction Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Track Name: The Bridge
the Bridge
and if I pull slightly
we could drive off the bridge
take a dive for old times
just don’t blame nodding off
I am content with the purpose
I am content with the intent

what will you find in your heart
what will you say tomorrow
you’ve crawled across your mirror
now turn it around

toss it away, brush it off
stay if you will, say what you will – now it’s my turn
- we’ll make it as far as we can see 
and i can’t close my eyes.
Track Name: The Message
the Message
keep pushing past
for it is all we know
eyes dead set on the burning
dead set on burning it down

and we won’t wait for sound
just hold out hope
but what if we’re wrong
we will never be here again
just don’t wait on them
and don’t wait for sound.
Track Name: The Medium
the Medium
let the channels flood
do you hear the failures
or what did you find
is this sight
is this slight
or second guess a shadow.

all this burning
and waiting on tomorrow
begging to be buried or saved
but you better not
you’re better off.

don’t wake me.
Track Name: The Morrow
the Morrow

like clockwork round again
you fall back in place
it’s all just routine
it is all just
but i can disappear i can make the call back when it’s more convenient for you
when no one else is around
but you are acting + it’s wearing + fitting
it’s just a put on, so put on your mask
your line is almost up
you’re lying, the waking,
you’ll never wake again
wake tomorrow
this time it is you.
Track Name: The Mourning
the Mourning
a little distance never hit so close to home
not left empty
not leaving without scars
having left your mark
a little distance never hit so close

shut in and locked out
this is your doing + this is your work
biting my tongue + biding my time
shut in + locked out…

as small as it may seem
i want to see you 
i want to see you here tomorrow
i will meet you half way.